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Communication semiconductor IC demand may seal test material revenue increased by 4%

2015-04-22 16:55:41
Seal test, giant moon (2311) benefit from communications IC demand increase, may seal test and material revenue for 11.065 billion yuan, on increased by 4% and 1% compared to the same period last year growth. Moonlight, pointed out that, may operating performance conforms to the expected, Q2 seal test and materials of career prospects maintain shipments season increase the estimate of 15%, its business target can be smoothly estimation of array. Accumulated in the first 5 months, moonlight, packaging and testing and material revenue for 50.939 billion yuan, 52.589 billion yuan during the same period last year 3.1% decline. And if the merger EMS factory ring electric revenue calculation, moonlight, may merge revenue for 15.636 billion yuan, a 4 months of 14.867 billion yuan to grow 5.2%, than the same period last year rose 1.3% to 15.438 billion yuan micro; Accumulated merger revenue for 73.604 billion yuan, than the same period last year dropped 5.1%. Moonlight, may seal test and materials on revenue increase kinetic energy mainly comes from the communications IC demand increase, effective offset PC and consumer electronics applications IC market is April muted effect, overall, seal test and material revenue is still hand over month increase performance, in line with expectations. To date the moonlight seal test and material delivery application specific gravity to see, communications IC accounted for more than more than 5 into, consumer and car electronic accounts for less than 4 into, PC application is only about 1 into left and right sides, consumer IC, PC application chip seal decline in demand for measurement, the moonlight, influence is relatively limited. According to the overall operation Q2 outlook, moonlight, reiterated that the closed beta and materials according to the season increase 15% target unchanged, the group combined gross profit margin also have the 25th bullish space. The legal value, day moonlight Q2 combined gross profit margin will fall in the 18% to 19%.


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